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Not all elevator companies are the same. We service all brands and treat every customer the same… with exceptional care and respect.

When considering maintenance agreements several factors should be considered:

  • How long does the contract last and does it automatically renew for the same time period if not cancelled?
  • What can I do if I’m unhappy with service and want out of the contract?
  • How frequently is the elevator serviced, what is done each visit, and how long does the service typically last?
  • What are the billing rates, response times, and will there be a charge if a call is placed during normal working hours; but the tech can’t get there until overtime starts?
  • What are the annual increases over a ten year average?
  • How many units does the tech that will service your elevator currently have on their route and is there enough time in the day to complete all tasks that have been promised?
  • How is billing handled and is there a premium for monthly billing?
  • What is outside the scope of maintenance, who performs the annual inspection, and are there extra fees associated with the inspection?

Once these questions have been answered it will help to put into perspective whether the quoted price for maintenance will be the total cost paid for the year.

Traveler Elevator will outline the answers to these questions clearly during our consultation with you.

Repairs & Tests

We support new and existing customers in all facets of elevator repairs that include pump and motor replacement; electronic board and components replaced; door systems repaired that include operators, restrictors and edges. We specialize in the repair or if needed, replacement from the largest of elevator components that include hydraulic jacks, machines and controllers to the smallest items that consist of push buttons, lantern lighting, fixtures and security systems.

We can perform annual or five year tests with a third party inspector that you provide or make recommendations of an inspector for your selection. If you are a service customer we will advise you on the needed inspection and ask how you would like for us to proceed. If we do not service the elevator we will coordinate the time and date of the inspection and if violations are found we can coordinate and obtain the required permits to complete the required repairs to make the elevator compliant.

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