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What We Do

Traveler Elevator provides both commercial and residential elevator services. We provide maintenance service, repairs & tests, modernization of existing elevators, and construction and installation of new elevator systems.

How Does Your Elevator Compare?

1. Does your elevator comply with the latest ANSI/ASME safety codes?
2. Do your elevator doors work properly or close on passengers as they try to enter or exit the elevator?
3. Is your elevator floor level with the building floor every time it stops at every level or become a tripping hazard?
4. Does your elevator look aesthetically pleasing or need an interior makeover?
5. Is your elevator quiet when it travels or does it make disturbing noises or ride rough?
6. Do tenants enjoy riding the elevator or would they rather walk the stairs?
7. Is your elevator generally reliable or unreliable and break down often?
8. When there is a problem, does your elevator maintenance provider come out promptly or at their convenience?

Traveler Elevator understands that each client has specific needs for their specific application and we are held accountable by our customers not shareholders. We pride ourselves on making sure that the answers to your above questions are all positive.

We are independently owned and operated and provide the best personal service in North/Central Florida and Southeast Georgia.


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