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The Traveler Difference

What Makes Traveler Elevator the Superior Choice?

Traveler Elevator is an owner operated company founded in April 2008 to give customers a competent and competitive choice over competition. We feel that elevator companies do not own their clients’ elevators; but rather, are paid to keep them safe, reliable, and in good working order without locking the customer into an agreement for 5, 10 or 20 years and once under contract, provide shoddy and unreliable service.

We are only accountable to our customers and not an international corporation with thousands of employees headquartered in a foreign country with shareholders looking for the highest return on their investment. Our business success depends solely on local customer satisfaction and a strong referral system as we cannot hide a weak performing office under a larger district or region. We guarantee monthly service with reasonable prices under a user friendly agreement with 100% satisfaction guarantee for our service, repairs and installations.

Driving Service Values

We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises and keeping our customers informed of what we have completed and what is required to keep their elevators up to code and operating safely. We also believe that there is more than one solution to solving a problem.  Fixing an older elevator is always considered first in lieu of claiming obsolesce. As an example, we have a niche of installing fire service overlays in lieu of replacing the entire elevator system to meet current code requirements.

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